Standard Class - Infant & Child CPR NY

We offer our standard, 2.5-hour Little Hearts Infant and Child CPR class 3-5 times each week in Manhattan and several times monthly in Brooklyn. The session is well-organized, lively, comprehensive and, according to not a few of our alumni, the most useful of the many baby courses they have taken. We've been told we teach the best Baby CPR class in NYC.

Why best? Because you’ll learn safety strategies in addition to carefully teaching you the skills needed for a choking or cardiac emergency. Baby proofing, sleep safety, accident avoidance, poison prevention, family emergency preparedness and car seats are just some of the topics we cover in our Risk Management segment. View Class Schedule & Fees

So much more than CPR. Amy teaches everything from car seat safety to what foods to avoid with your toddler, in a comprehensive, engaging, and funny way. --Yael Niv, NYC Mom

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